Call for Presentations

The theme for this year’s Rundle Summit is “Subduction,” a geological term that describes the phenomenon of one tectonic plate’s sinking beneath another into the Earth's mantle, creating novel geologic features. This slow process creates volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis and, over time, can even build mountains. Similarly, clashes between ideas in media and communication scholarship may result in the sinking of some ideas and the surfacing of others. This conference invites scholarship that reflects on ideas as subduction: what conditions lead to a clash? When do we see some ideas sink and others rise? How is the falling away of one thing the potential creation of another? What conditions limit the subduction of ideas? These are just a few of the questions you might address.

Rundle Summit welcomes proposals for a variety of formats:

  • Lightning talks (abstract: 300 words) are succinct five-minute presentations, well-suited for introducing an idea or a work-in-progress. Lightning-talk presenters will benefit from extended Q&A in which their ideas will be workshopped.

  • Long papers (abstract: 300 words) should be dynamic, 20-minute presentations. They can share a number of different things, such as research stories, reflections, challenges, or outcomes.

  • Multi-speaker panels (abstract: 300 words) address intersections or tensions within a particular topic or field. Every panellist should submit an individual abstract and note the title of the panel presentation so that reviewers can clearly see the panel’s composition.

  • Skills-sharing sessions (abstract: 300 words) are participant-led skills-development workshops and/or collaborative working groups focused on sharing knowledge about social-science tools and/or methodologies (e.g. teaching the basics of social-networking-analysis tool Gephi, or demystifying discourse analysis).

We also encourage proposals for alternative formats. When proposing a session, please include a description of the format in addition to the 300-word abstract.

Proposal submission deadline: December 9, 2019
Proposal decision notification: December 16, 2019

For questions about this CFP, please contact